Highfields Boy

 When i came in the 60s to London I saw and learnt about playing and got to see and hear  some great folk blues music from the 60s  from Uk artists American artists which was very inspiring.


With songs on the Cd  which I hope reflect that period from then 60s to now,

and writing  and playing with my good friend Alan Sansome to bring the songs of life, loss, longing and love.


happy with the blues

Happy with the Blues recorded in Germany 2015 modern blues Cd.


All the numbers on this CD are self penned Mick Pini, Alan Sansome and

Uwe Jesdinsky.

Every thought of you

Every thought of you 2014 recorded in Germany, producer Bodo Schopf.


Another modern Blues CD with Self penned numbers by Bodo Schopf, Alan

Sansome, Mick Pini and Uwe jesdinsky.