New Digital Album " Back Track "

 new tourdates  for Germany, and the U.K.

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New acoustic CD from the Highfield Boy

Highfields is an area of Leicester  UK  Which I was brought up in the 50s and 60s.


And I felt my roots started there playing acoustic guitar at an early age  until I went to

London where I went saw and learnt about playing and got to see and hear some great folk blues music from the 60s  from Uk artists to American artists which was very inspirin.


With songs on the Cd  which I hope reflect that period from then 60s to now, and writing  and playing with my good friend Alan Sansome to bring  the songs of life, loss, longing and love.


Nick Murphy to this day calls me Highfields boy, I guess Iam.


Interview Mick Pini, Digital Radio

There are so many wonderful guitarists out there but there is one man of whom I never tire and who I know would slot perfectly into this dream band. Mick Pini. A veteran on the blues circuit.


Mick now lives in Germany but he is very much the real deal and a fascinating character as well as one hell of a guitar player.


As Peter Green is said to have said, it is the notes that he does not play that makes him .

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Happy with the Blues, recorded 2015

Here is the CD "Happy with the Blues " that we  recorded in Germany in the summer 2015, modern blues, where we use in most of the songs acoustic guitars.


All the numbers on this CD are self penned Mick Pini Alan Sansome and Uwe Jesdinsky


My thanks to Uwe Jesdinsky and my friend Alan Sansome for their invaluable help and

support in the making of these projects and members of my band.


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